Queens is our women's ministry named in honor of Queen Esther in the bible.   The book of Esther can teach us six lessons as women of God.

Lesson #1- God has a plan for our lives.

Lesson #2 - We are given divine moments to alter circumstances.

Lesson #3 - We must stand with courage.

Lesson #4 - Fasting and prayer brings clarity and hope for deliverance.

Lesson #5 - God demands obedience.

Lesson #6 - God uses everything and everybody for his divine purpose.

For the full article see:

6 Powerful Life Lessons from the Book of Esther by Lisa Brown Ross ; Mar 17, 2015

The ladies ministry is currently meeting 3-4 times per year.

upcoming events

August 18th & 19th, 2017

Women of Joy Conference-Ladies, age 16 and older, join us for an overnight conference at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium in Lowell, MA.  Speakers to include Angela Thomas Farr, Lisa Harper, Margaret Feinberg, Christine Caine and worship provided by Natalie Grant and Charles Billingsley.  Registration now open. Cost $179 per person includes conference & lodging.  You will be responsible for 4 meals.  For more info or to register visit the Resources Table.

previous events

Pool Party (6/27/17)-Thank you to Denise for hosting a pool party at her home!

Coffee, Cake & Comedy (3/28/17)-Over 50 ladies came out for a night of comedy by Chonda Pierce on DVD.  Ladies who wanted to bake brought their favorite cakes and prizes were given out for most stunning and best taste.  We had every cake imaginable including a large gluten free selection.  A special thank you to all of our talented bakers.  Coffee, tea and delicious mocha punch was also served.  Everyone met new friends, laughed and enjoyed heavenly cake.

Christmas Sock Exchange (12/13/16) - All the ladies age 16 & up brought an appetizer and a new pair of Christmas socks filled with goodies to exchange.  There was a $10 maximum limit including the cost of the socks.  We had tons of yummy food and got to pass the socks left and right as Danielle read an interesting story about the birth of Christ.  We all were laughing because the socks went around the entire circle and stopped one person away from where they began.  We also made RCity ornaments and did Christmas nail art.  Everyone had a great night out and went home blessed by their sisters in Christ.

Women of the Word Ladies Conference with Jen Wilkin (10/1/16) - Twenty-five ladies traveled via car pool to Merrimack, NH and spent the day listening to Jen Wilkin teach us how to be Women of the Word. Jen challenged us to spend time in the Word daily and to let our quiet time change us.  She was an inspiration and a reality check.  On the way home we all stopped at Chilis and had dinner together.  It was a fun day full of new friends, great teaching, and good food.

Dinner & Movie Night

For our first ladies ministry night we met at 99's Restaurant and had dinner together.  We met new friends and exchanged names & phone numbers.  We also picked a prayer partner.  Then we went to the movie theater and watched the movie "Miracles from Heaven".


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